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Brief History and Introduction

    Business investment in Miaoli - “Investment Attraction, Happiness in Miaoli” is a major focus of the Miaoli county government. Hsu Yao-Chang, the first Magistrate of Miaoli County, has given instructions to establish the “Immediate Business Investment Service Center,” in order to attract companies to set up factories in Miaoli, promote local economic development and increase employment opportunities in Miaoli. The service center was established in the Miaoli County Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee, with Li Cheng-Feng as the first director of the center, and Huang Chih-Chun, the head of the Economic Development Department of the Miaoli County Government, was designated as the second director of the center (took office on March 14, 2019). In order to promote economic development and increase employment opportunities, the government aims to attract companies to invest and set up factories in Miaoli County through single window service and pro-active enforcement actions.


Business Services

Services are as follows:

  1. Application of investment attraction.
  2. Business counseling such as investment evaluation, investment establishment, investment operations in Miaoli County.
  3. Contact with business investment units.
  4. Other businesses related to investment attraction.

All of the above services in the service center are provided with one-stop services and cross-bureau joint counseling mechanisms.

The service window is located at the Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee on the fourth floor of Miaoli County Government Office Building I.

Contact Us: (037) 350-495, (037) 323-593, (037) 323-103



    Magistrate Hsu Yao-Chang has accumulated long-term administrative experience in the local government and extensive personal connections in the industry. The Magistrate actively pays annual visits to domestic high-quality manufacturers (KYEC continues to set up a third plant by investing NT$1 billion in Miaoli’s Tongluo Science Park, which generated 1,000 employment opportunities) after taking office. He also visited China with his team to promote a homecoming trend among Taiwanese entrepreneurs, and his investments in Miaoli has successfully attracted two major semiconductor manufacturers (TSMC has introduced advanced packaging and testing technologies, and continued its investments of NT$300 billion which generated 2,500 employment opportunities in Miaoli; Powerchip has expanded its investments, acquired NSP’s Zhunan FAB, and invested 278 billion in Miaoli’s Tongluo Science Park, which generated 2,700 employment opportunities) and two Taian Leisure Hot Spring Villas (invited Taiwanese entrepreneurs to invest in Taian Wenshui Tangyuan Hot Spring Villa that covers an area of 5 hectares, with total investment of NT$1 billion, generating more than 90 employment opportunities, while Taian Shanhejing Co., Ltd. invested NT$1 billion in Taian Hot Spring Villas that covers an area of 5 hectares, generating 92 employment opportunities.)

    In addition, convenience measures such as the building management APP (building management progress inquiry electronic system) and 101 Miaoli (license approval in one day) are set up to simplify administration processes and shortened its processing time to enhance the administrative efficiency in Miaoli County without increasing budgetary expenses. These measures would allow all investors to be more informed and can keep track of the building management progress by using the APP, while also providing the best tool for investment companies to understand the schedule of the building process and cost control.

    Only economic prosperity can promote local development. The service has been established for more than three years, and has currently counseled 69 companies to set up factories, which attracted a total investment of more than NT$670 billion, and generated more than 10,000 employment opportunities.

    In the future, the Miaoli government will continue to promote a more friendly investment environment, take away the obstacles for business investments, set up a comprehensive transportation network, develop special local industries, and support industries for young entrepreneurs. The government aims to create a more livable and prosperous County with its amazing natural landscape and beautiful environment, in order for the world to see industry upgrades and competitive advantages of industries in Miaoli, promote a friendly investment environment and remove the obstacles for business investments. In addition, the business environment and advantages of investing in Miaoli, including sufficient water and electricity, diligent workers and relatively low land costs, have attracted the anchoring of high value-added industries in Miaoli to create a rich and prosperous County.