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Tongluo Township

The township is bordered on the north by Miaoli, in the east by Gongguan and in the south by Sanyi. The National Highway, Provincial Highway, County Road, country roads and Cross-island Railroad are distributed across the township; generally speaking the transportation is comprehensive. The National Highway No.1 reaches southwards to the Zhongping Village, Chaoyang Village, Tongluo Village and Zhangshu Village of this township from Touwu and Gongguan in the northeast; it connects to Sanyi Township in the south. The Jianfeng Highway of Provincial Highway No.13 passes through the township’s Chaoyang, Tongluo, Zhusen, and Zhangshu Villages and connects to Sanyi Township in the south to form the township’s transportation hub. Miao No.128: from the Maqi Liao Zhangshu Bagong of Gongguan Township is in the east. Heading westwards, it passes through the Zhongping, Fuxing, Zhusen Villages and heading west it reaches Tongxiao. It connects to the West Coast Expressway and National Highway No.3, it is an important mountain and sea line passage connecting the east with the west. Miao No. 119: the Xinlong line of Miao No.119 extends from the west (in front of the Tongluo Train Station) to the southeast, passing through Tongluo, Chaoyang, Xinglong, Chenglong and Xinlong Villages, and connects to the bordering Sanyi Township in the south. Currently it is undergoing road expansion. It is one of the most important thoroughfares connecting the more remote mountain regions of Xinglong, Chenglong and Xinlong Villages.

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