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Tai’an Township

Tai’an Township is located in the western slope of Mt. Xue Range, the geographical terrain is higher on the west side and lower on the east side. Within the territory, Mt. Xue, Mt. Daxue and Mt. Dabajian all have altitudes of above 3,000m, while there are also numerous high mountains with altitudes of more than 2,000m; the steep gorges and high rising peaks are truly spectacular. Majority are in the Meiyuan Village jurisdiction, occupying roughly two thirds of total area in the township, this is the only remaining natural forest area on the west side of the Central Mountain Range. Da’an River and Houlong River originate from this township, with the southern ridge of Mt. Lu Chang Da as the watershed, Da’an river basin covers three quarters of the entire township surface area. The two main upstream source of Houlong River: Wenshui River and Dahu River originates from Mt. Luchang and Mt. Dongxishui , both river terraces are wider and flatter than that of Da’an River, this is the essence of Tai’an Township.

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