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Cities and Townships

The township is located southeast of Miaoli County between the Bajiaodong Mountain range and the Houlong River. The eastern terrain is the highest in the territory, which gradually declines from Mt Bajiaodong in the northwest to Houlong River to form the Miaoli river valley plain. It is bound in the north by Miaoli City, Touwu Township, in the west by Tongluo, in the east by Shitan, with Mt. Bajiaodong Mountains the boundary. In the south it is bordered by Guandao Mountain, and it is adjacent to Dahu Township. This is the core of the county territory, as well as the Qiaotou Bao of the Houlong River basin for immigrants from China to this county.
The town actively promotes tourism orchards and local specialty farm products, together with promotion by farmers’ associations. The exceptional and unique flavored persimmon cake, cynanchum Persimmon, tangerine, taros, pickled vegetable, pickled cabbage, as well as red jujube tourism farms in the Fuji and Shiqiang regions attract large number of tourists during harvest season in July and August. Consequently, not only are farmers’ incomes increased, local development also benefits significantly. We also strive to create a large agricultural exhibition center, as well as an open agricultural recreation tourism orchard.

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