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Cities and Townships

This is one of the four coastal towns in Miaoli County; it is situated to the west of Miaoli County, adjacent to the Taiwan Strait on the west side, Zhunan Township in the north, Xihu Township to the south and Miaoli City and Touwu Township in the east. The maximum distance from east to west is roughly 10km, while the south to north stretches 20km; with a surface area of 75.809km2, it is ranked 8th in Miaoli County in terms of surface area.
The town’s geographical terrain resembles a butterfly with open wings. The hills formed by the alluvial soil from the sea exits of Houlong River, Zhonggang River and Xihu River is rich in nutrients, suitable for growing rice, food grains, vegetables and fruits, a superior piece of land for farming and breeding livestock. In addition, it is has 20km of coast. The two fishing ports, Gongsiliao (the train station was renamed Longgang, hence the port is sometimes mistaken as Longgang) and Waipu are also excellent fishery regions.

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