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Cities and Townships

The tourism development of Sanwan Township aims to capitalize on advantages, increase value and create style using a macroscopic perspective to showcase Sanwan Township’s charisma.
The township is the outpost for the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area, Shei-Pa National Park and Tai’an Designated Scenic Area. The mountainous environment and historical traces of Hakka culture combine to showcase diverse natural resources. Based on the considerations of protection and reutilization of environmental resources, the Sanwan Township Office intends to create a recreational space of harmony between people and nature through knowledge of the environment. The objective is to allow visitors to appreciate the charm of Sanwan and grow by learning.
In extension of the Miaoli County Combined Development Project, the Sanwan Township Office will cooperate with the Rural Community Renaissance Project to demonstrate the historical style, landscape and culture by using the agricultural products of Sanwan to promote recreational tourism.
Therefore, utilizing rich landscapes and cultural resources, scenic spots are created, including: bat’s cave ecological exploration area, Sanwan Old Street, Beipu Lao Chong Gui Footpath Park, Shang Tang Bei hiking trail, Mt. Yonghe tung tree flower footpath, Mt. Shanzhao tung tree flower footpath and township’s bicycle path. Moreover, in conjunction with the harvest of agricultural products such as pears, tea, and tangerines., the Tung Tree Flower Festival is held between April and May, the Sanwan Pear Tourism Festival is held between June and August, and the Flower Garden Tangerine Event is held between December and January. Meanwhile, application has been submitted to the COA for the establishment of the “Sanwan Pear Township Recreational Agricultural Park” in order to generate the development of local recreational industry, create local opportunities and economic progress for sustainable growth.

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