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Camphor trees have been planted on the majority of the mountain slopes in this township, and renowned Sanyi woodcarvings are sculpted from the fragrant wood. Sculpture making has long been a traditional industry in Sanyi, as has recreational farming. The industry dates back to the Japanese colonial era, during which our ancestors struggled in the spirit of entrepreneurship to learn, observe, innovate and achieve the outstanding results seen today, results that we can be proud of and learn from. Due to the improvements in sculpture making technique and enhancement in the living quality of Taiwanese people, Sanyi wooden sculptures are treasured and cherished.
Therefore, the streets are lined with shops displaying a plethora of wooden sculptures, the various wooden sculpture streets here are by no means an accident. This proves that the constant struggles of the forefathers will reap fruitful results. The management approach for the woodcarving industry has transformed from family-run, part-time businesses to professional enterprises. As a result, small factories pop up everywhere with rapid speed and almost every household is involved in sculpture-related business. Most people have learned the craft of sculpture making. Consequently, our reputation of “Professional sculpture region” and the “Sculpturing center of Taiwan” are well known throughout Taiwan and the world.

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