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Cities and Townships

The origin of the name of Shitan Township is in the bordering region of Yongxing and Baishou Villages (presently the Provincial Highway No.3, 113km, 1,960m), where a horizontal ridge looks like a crouched lion dipping its head into the pond for a drink of water, thus local residents named the pond “Shitan” (meaning lion pond). Legend has it that shortly before and after the Lantern Festival, local residents often hear the bustling sound of gongs and drums.
The township is located in the center of Miaoli County. It is a magnificent farming township. The mountainous terrain is characteristic of the local landscape, in total roughly 80% of the area is mountains ranging from 300~900m. Shrubs and lush green forests can be seen everywhere, the evergreen trees are decorated with white Tung Tree Flowers during spring and summer, as though the mountain top is shrouded in a cloud of mist. During autumn and winter, the leaves transform into red and yellow, complementing the blossoming Hibiscus, to form picturesque scenery. The lesser developed mountains and rivers have less pollution and the air is fresh. The water of the streams formed over the Central Ranges is lucid and crystal clear and the scenery is breathtaking. The dense plants intertwine to form a lush green forest, making this an ideal location for holidays.

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