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Cities and Townships

The township is comprised of mainly Atayal indigenous people and the Hakka ethic group. We hope to bring harmony and mutual assistance among different ethnicities, thereby peacefully creating an all-embracing diverse culture. We intend to combine the efforts of various local societies, as well as history and cultural workers in order to promote the cultural events of the township. In addition, we continue to upgrade our facilities in Qingan Village and promote cultural events in order to create a Hakka style tourism shopping street. Meanwhile we intend to gather, integrate and substantiate the history, local customs, culture and art of the Atayal tribe. In addition, through the re-creation of the tribe, we hope to create a valuable cultural tourism industry.
The beauty of Miaoli is in Tai’an, while the beauty of Tai’an lies within its natural resources. The township is blessed with fine mountains and water, with abundant natural resources such as mountains, rivers, streams, hot springs, platforms, forests, animals and plants. We hope to collaborate with the National Construction Project by carrying out conservation and appropriate development, to develop the most promising “Green” recreational industry.

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