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Cities and Townships

The northernmost coastal township of Miaoli County is Zhunan, where the sea and mountain lines of the railroad split. This is the heart of the Zhonggang river basin. The location used to be a landing entrance when the Fujian and Guangdong forefathers were developing the Zhonggang river basin. The river flows by the main rivers and streams of Zhunan Township, including the Yanshui Gang River, Huiyao River, Sheliu ditch, and Xingang (Yuan Pond) river. Since the river flows through a plain, it is calm and steady, with low water volume.
Since the west side is adjacent to the Taiwan Strait, the climate is largely influenced by the sea winds, even on the east side’s Xue mountain range. Due to rapid industrial and commerce development, there are flourishing factories everywhere. However, if one loiters around in the streets, you will discover that is has preserved much of the ancestors’ ancient relics, as well as the enthusiastic, unadorned folk style of the locals, which bring back nostalgic memories. The perfect fusion of “tradition” and “contemporary” is found in the unique style of Zhunan.

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