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Cities and Townships

Zhuolan is the town of fruits, it is renowned for produce such as tangerines, pears, grapes and starfruits. Currently we are actively planning the town’s entrance image and Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting. In addition, we still need to link up the various recreational scenic spots such as Liyu Pond, Qiping recreational area, Da’an River Gorge, landscape along the Miao 55 line and the soon to be launched Baibufan solar powered optoelectronic industry recreational park. Moreover, township development and construction is being strengthened, upgrades to the landscapes and Provincial Highway No. 3 and Miao 52 line are being beautified. The aesthetics of tourism farms are being increased to promote tourism and agriculture recreation. Furthermore, the marketing of secondary agricultural products and related products is being strengthened in order to create business opportunity and wealth for the town. We also actively cooperate with construction projects of the County Government and Central Government to build a quality, well-developed Zhuolan Town.

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