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The County Flower, County Bird, and County Tree

The county flower- Sweet Osmanthus.
◎ The county flower Sweet Osmanthus

In order to promote the living quality and stress Miaoli County’s effort to afforest, the County Government invited experts and scholars to nominate nine kinds of flowers among which Sweet Osmanthus was elected as our County Flower in the County Plaza.

County Bird – Magpie
◎ County Bird Magpie

Birds are a good indictor for the quality of the environment. In order to increase our residents’ knowledge of local birds and promote a bird-friendly atmosphere to further encourage the residents’ involvement of the wildlife and natural resource protection, 10 kinds of birds was nominated and Magpie was voted through mails as our County Bird.

County Tree – Camphor tree
◎ County Tree -Camphor tree

Camphor tree is essential to some of the Miaoli County’s special products. Industries involving sculptures made of Camphor wood and camphor oil are prosperous. Camphor tree is an evergreen tall tree with a special aroma. The features of the tree echo the characteristics of Miaoli’s residents. The pattern of its leaves represents energy and cooperation. Its firm and tough bark represents industrious and resilient personality. Its flower’s light scent echoes the emphasis on internal rather than external qualities. With a long-lasting life, the big and tall tree is also very resistant to diseases. It is like our residents who are honest, hardworking and leading healthy and long life.

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