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Miaoli County Magistrate: Liu, Cheng-Hung Miaoli County Executive

Educational Background:
◎Graduate from Chunan High School
◎Completed the Enterprise Public Relations course in Chinese Culture University
◎Completed the Non-commissioned Officers course in Military Intelligence School
◎Completed a research course on revolution in practice at 111th

Working Experience:
◎KMT chief associate clerk and central commissioner
◎Convening Commissioner of the budget committee in the Legislative Yuan
◎President of Miaoli County Farmers Association
◎Council member of Miaoli County
◎Director of National United University

◎President of Lions International in Houlong
◎President of Printing Association in Miaoli County
◎President of Life Association in Miaoli County
◎Chief commissioner of Croquet Association in Miaoli
◎The legislator of 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th

Miaoli County is surrounded by mountains and faces the Taiwan Strait. Sightseers will enjoy its natural beauty and peaceful surroundings. The residents of Miaoli County are always proud of their homeland.

Cheng-Hung takes the great responsibility by the residents to make Miaoli County better, I make the four prior political institutions as following:

1. Striving for the subsidy from the central government, and cover the financial breach.

2. Implement Industry Technology Park Development.

3. Construct the integrated traffic network.

4. Adjusting the tourism promotion strategy and creating new business opportunity.

And emphasize on the taking care of the labors, aborigines, seniors, women, children and the disabled people, as well efficiently improving the destinations of education, culture, Athletics and public security of Miaoli County. As I gathering the effort from the new county teams and councilors under all residents supervising power and support, I believe in the near future, I will be able to make Miaoli a new city.

Cheng-Hung keeps insisting on myself and the team of County Government to serve the county residents by holding the governance concept and values of honest, dedication, and care. Moreover, Cheng-Hung is doing my best for everything which request from county residents and aiming to be advancement, flourish, safety, and fully vitality in Miaoli. Also, Cheng-Hung tries to let county residents be healthy, plentiful, happy, and hopeful, and makes Miaoli becoming a real Smilingly City.

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